Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Sick Beat City

Un-fucking-believeable session on Stars tonight, and I mean totally un-fucking-believable. Got that money in good so many times it actually hurts to think about it and still dropped 4 (and a bit) buy-ins at $25 NL over the space of 2 hours.

Just don't get how these people are able to play, well, I mean of course they can join the games as long as they have enough cash, what I mean is how they manage to stay in the games for more than a few minutes... playing suited-trash, calling stacks with middle pair, just totally unbluffable and looking no further than their own cards - yet winning pot after pot.

You study the game, work on your reads, good bet sizing and then *boom* some fucking asshole thinks his Ace-six off is pre-flop and another buy-in bites the fucking dust. I know in my mind that the system is good, if it were rigged then the 2+2 crowd would have spotted it by now, just can't believe how easy it is for the complete retards to get lucky sometimes. Soul destroying is not the word.

Back to the grind.


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