Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Busto, Disillusioned And Bored With Life

Sorry for the lack of posts, just cant get the bankroll going, Cardrunners make it look so easy but they just have no idea what it is like at the micros at all, no point playing against a table full of donks who call with bottom pair or even kind high and play any 2 suited cards. You can not put a fool on a range, let alone narrow that range based on their actions after the flop, just stupid.

Every time I deposit it goes the same way, up up up then *boom*busto, every time a run gets going and I move up to parlay the wins I get coolered or bad beat. It is just not funny anymore.

Not sure whether I'll carry on with this blog or not, not sure if i will even bother depositing again or not, not sure whether online poker is a big illusion or a big joke and the winners are laughing at me right now but do not realise themselves that they are just on a lucky upswing and that I will have the last laugh when some donkey takes their bankroll when they were 99.9999999999% favorite to win.

Was thinking that I might try Pot-Limit Omaha instead, apparently there is tons of easy money there, looks worth a shot.