Sunday, 7 December 2008

A Final Table!

Bored with the cash games last night so tried a couple of donkaments - managed to final table a $3 6-max over on Full Tilt and came in 3rd for $127. After shipping John (poker sicko co-worker) back the cash he subbed to me and losing a sick hand when I flopped a set only for some monkey (in the playing sense, not the avatar) get there with a flush on the river I still have $93 - not too bad considering that this has basically come from air.

Could be the start of something, would be even better if I could learn to play without having 1000 people on MSN, 5 internet explorer windows open (no, not gotten around to Firefox yet, yada yada yada) and the TV. No worries, the standard in tournaments is horrific - maybe the skills of reading hands come over from the cash tables. Gonna continue with cash for the moment mostly though - the decent money is there.

Da Pimp

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