Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Feel Like I Need A Plan

Doing ok at the $25 buy-in games and almost hit $255 from my initial $100 deposit, focusing on 2 tables and trying to be solid against the loose+passive donkeys (oh man they are suuuuch donkeys!). Along with the $81 on Tilt (donked a little there) my BR is looking much better.

Tempted to move up but really need a proper plan, some proper bankroll management, when to move up and when to move down again kind of shit. I want to take shots as it is not realistic to be a pro within a year by grinding the 20 buy-in rules, they are just for retarded nits anyhow. Its more frustrating that is easy to write... just know, 100 fucking percent, that I am better than my opponents but every time I take the shot the beats start raining down and its back to the lower buy-ins for me.

This time I'll do it right, restist the urge to move up too soon. Will think of a plan over the next few days and post it here... back to the tables tonight though.


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