Thursday, 27 November 2008

F%@*(ng Suckouts

Fucking frustrated, roll is now down to $109 after some brutal beats at the tables the last couple of nights. This is getting so bad that I am seriously beginning to wonder whether Poker Stars RNG has not highlighted me for constant suckouts.

Had AK cracked twice by AQ and then by A10, flopped a set of 6's only to see my opponent hit a straight after all the money went in on the flop. Considering dropping down yet another fucking level to rebuild again at the moment... going to keep on at the 10c / 25c level for the time being though, there are enough total donks here - I do not even want to think about how bad it gets if you go any lower.

Will also try and brush up on my strategy, can not afford a Cardrunners sub at the minute, but there are plently of websites / videos out there to look at (oh, and any suggestions are more than welcome)



Thursday, 20 November 2008

Quick Update Time

This is getting frustrating, got to the $230 mark at the end of yesterday, as promised took my shot at the $25 game, 3rd hand I get KK reraise from the cut off and the BB repops, I put him all-in and find myself up against Ace fucking queen. Do I even have to write it? ace on the flop, anyway I reload and build up to about $32 when this is all wiped out by my 10's running into queens.

Tilted off another $10 or so to leave my bankroll battered and bruised at $163. Looks like its going to be another weekend of the 6max $10 games, fuck.

Brutal game at times but actually feeling more chilled just from writing it down.


Wednesday, 19 November 2008

My Plan

Ok, been thinking about this one. I want to build up a solid base before going for it, so going to stick to grinding the smaller ($10) games until I have $200, this is going to be my backup, anytime I get $25 on top then I take a shot at the $25 level.

Plan on playing the $50 when $350 gets there, though not sure whether I should invest in poker tracker instead at that point. All the boards say this is a must-have for those of us who are serious about going pro, just not sure I can justify taking $100 out of my roll just now.

As a side note have been reading that the double or nothin sit and goes are great for building a roll. Personally hate the idea of sngs - just push push push - but might have a look into the strategy for these and see if they might be good for building up my roll faster.


Sunday, 16 November 2008

Deposit And The Bush Shits On Me... WTF!!

Great, return to poker with a $100 bankroll on Stars, ready to grind and make a real go of getting to pro status this time, then WTF - Bush goes and shits on us again from a great height by forcing through the internet gaming regs at the last minute.

I mean, this fucking idiot has done enough damage already - why cant he just fuck off quietly and leave us to choose how to spend our cash.

So, apart from not knowing whether that money is gone for good I have been doing ok on the 5c / 10c NLHE... stacking a couple of donks and getting fucked on one time when some retard called my 6-bet all in with jacks and managed to crack my aces. These donks are where the money comes from right, just gotta ride the swings.


Monday, 10 November 2008

Da Pimp Is Back!

Been a long time... really.

College is done, I'm working in the mailroom of a local insurance business. The people there are cool but the work sucks... one guy is a poker fan, so we started talkin' hands and my interest came back again.

No more tilting.

No more stupidity.

No more donking off at levels I'm not 'rolled for.

Da Pimp is back and this time for real.

Will post some hands and plands and BR updates soon.

Da Pimp