Monday, 15 December 2008

Considering A Training Site

So, the noise levels of the parents what shall we get ya for christmas gets louder and louder. I'm considering a training site membership, narrowed the field to the following.

- Cardrunners, obv choice right? The best instructors and a ton of vids.

- Negreanus thing... VT or whatever, that guy has a great style but probably not right for online cash - will give that a miss.

- PokerXfactor, donkament based and sitngoes too, some cash from what I found, not sure about this, tourneys are great but not really my thing, I mean, who wants to sit for 3 hours just to have some donkey call with ace-rag and hit the 3 outer?

- PokerPwnage - great pros but not so many vids, prob not worth looking at for another 6 months.

So that is what I found, great how blogging about it makes it clearer in your mind... looks like a no-brainer for Cardrunners. Will let you know how it goes.


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