Sunday, 28 December 2008

Cardrunners So Far

Decent enough christmas, usual boring family stuff really. Did get a bit of a questioning from an uncle about my future... he did not really understand that Poker is a career option these days.

Anyway, had some time to get stuck into some of the Cardrunners videos including CitizenWind, Verneer and of course some of the high-stakes action from Cole South and co. Best investment in my game ever, can see a couple of my leaks already - like paying off big bets when my hand is pretty well defined. Can also see that everyone on the site uses a heads-up display for their stats with pokertracker or holdem-manager or whatever, this is something I really must get hold of (there is an offer to get Holdem Manager for cheap via cardrunners). Anyway - will have to build up a bit of a bankroll first.

Still pissed that I dumped my roll, but now feeling that this should be a lesson more than anything. Going to start fresh when I get my first paycheck of the new year and take the game a lot more seriously this time.

Really should get my blogroll started here too - if anyone reading wants to link up then just shout.


Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Broke, Tilted It All Away


Had a few drinks with some friends yesterday evening and stupidly decided to log on when I got home. Started out ok when some donk rivers a flush he had no fucking business chasing and sends me on mega tilt. 3 $25 buy-ins later I decide to sit in the $200 game and get it all back in one go, dealt queens and get it all in on a rags board, only to be shown a flopped set of 4's. Switched on Tilt and, yeah, same shit different cards

Thats it for me until the new year, after presents, rent and a couple of nights out I have no cash to reload. So stupid, cant believe I did it really. well, at least I have the Cardrunners to keep me going, also got a few points to play some freerolls with if things get that desperate.

Cant believe it really.


Thursday, 18 December 2008

Pumped - Just Got My Cardrunners Logon

Feeling pumped at the moment, early christmas present thanks to parents and Cardrunners. Since it is a monthly subscription they got it from today and so gave me the password from today - after all there would be no point wasting a week.

Not going to play a single hand tonight - gonna find the best of the best on the site and really work / think about my game. Gonna be crushing those tables this weekend without a single doubt.

Will post results here on Sunday.


Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Sick Beat City

Un-fucking-believeable session on Stars tonight, and I mean totally un-fucking-believable. Got that money in good so many times it actually hurts to think about it and still dropped 4 (and a bit) buy-ins at $25 NL over the space of 2 hours.

Just don't get how these people are able to play, well, I mean of course they can join the games as long as they have enough cash, what I mean is how they manage to stay in the games for more than a few minutes... playing suited-trash, calling stacks with middle pair, just totally unbluffable and looking no further than their own cards - yet winning pot after pot.

You study the game, work on your reads, good bet sizing and then *boom* some fucking asshole thinks his Ace-six off is pre-flop and another buy-in bites the fucking dust. I know in my mind that the system is good, if it were rigged then the 2+2 crowd would have spotted it by now, just can't believe how easy it is for the complete retards to get lucky sometimes. Soul destroying is not the word.

Back to the grind.


Monday, 15 December 2008

Considering A Training Site

So, the noise levels of the parents what shall we get ya for christmas gets louder and louder. I'm considering a training site membership, narrowed the field to the following.

- Cardrunners, obv choice right? The best instructors and a ton of vids.

- Negreanus thing... VT or whatever, that guy has a great style but probably not right for online cash - will give that a miss.

- PokerXfactor, donkament based and sitngoes too, some cash from what I found, not sure about this, tourneys are great but not really my thing, I mean, who wants to sit for 3 hours just to have some donkey call with ace-rag and hit the 3 outer?

- PokerPwnage - great pros but not so many vids, prob not worth looking at for another 6 months.

So that is what I found, great how blogging about it makes it clearer in your mind... looks like a no-brainer for Cardrunners. Will let you know how it goes.


Thursday, 11 December 2008

Decent Sessions + Connectors Again

Had a decent little session yesterday, finishing up over $150 in just 2-hours with 3 tables of NL50 (yeah, I know I was supposed to stay at the $25, but the donks are just getting me down at that level). Suited connectors were the hand of the day with some decent pots getting shipped my way on 2 occasions when I hit with 67s and then J10s. The rest was just chipping away with aggressive moves at small pots, which can mount up to a nice win at the end of the session.

BR on Stars now $341, Tilt at $77

Thinking of either spending some of the money on the books by Dan Harrington which have good reviews, or waiting until I have enough FPPS (was at 2000ish but donked them off trying to qualify for the Sunday Million) was reading the other day about good players needing to invest in education in order to succeed. Makes sense to me as there are only so many complete donks to go around, I plan on moving up the food chain to take the cash off of the people who sort of know what they are doing (like me now really, exept I am stuck at lower limits where there are only a couple of decent players and mostly retards).

Once my 'roll reaches $1000 I might even join cardrunners, or PxF, thou probably Cardrunners as they are more cash. Back to the tables.

Da Pimp

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

In Need Of A New Forum!

Getting sick of 2+2, the level of analysis and detail in every hand just never quite makes sense at the tables. I mean, how can you estimate re-stealing ranges when the opponents you are talking about are just raising 'pretty' cards without any idea what a re-steal range is.

Thought about pocket 5's but there is never any serious discussion over there, just bitchin and cutting people down. Any time someone posts a hand they are either a donk or bragging. Na, that place is wierd. Cardschat is donk-infested, Card-player is more geared towards the live games...

Any idea?

Otherwise I guess it is back to 2+2 for me.

Da Pimp.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Feel Like I Need A Plan

Doing ok at the $25 buy-in games and almost hit $255 from my initial $100 deposit, focusing on 2 tables and trying to be solid against the loose+passive donkeys (oh man they are suuuuch donkeys!). Along with the $81 on Tilt (donked a little there) my BR is looking much better.

Tempted to move up but really need a proper plan, some proper bankroll management, when to move up and when to move down again kind of shit. I want to take shots as it is not realistic to be a pro within a year by grinding the 20 buy-in rules, they are just for retarded nits anyhow. Its more frustrating that is easy to write... just know, 100 fucking percent, that I am better than my opponents but every time I take the shot the beats start raining down and its back to the lower buy-ins for me.

This time I'll do it right, restist the urge to move up too soon. Will think of a plan over the next few days and post it here... back to the tables tonight though.


Sunday, 7 December 2008

A Final Table!

Bored with the cash games last night so tried a couple of donkaments - managed to final table a $3 6-max over on Full Tilt and came in 3rd for $127. After shipping John (poker sicko co-worker) back the cash he subbed to me and losing a sick hand when I flopped a set only for some monkey (in the playing sense, not the avatar) get there with a flush on the river I still have $93 - not too bad considering that this has basically come from air.

Could be the start of something, would be even better if I could learn to play without having 1000 people on MSN, 5 internet explorer windows open (no, not gotten around to Firefox yet, yada yada yada) and the TV. No worries, the standard in tournaments is horrific - maybe the skills of reading hands come over from the cash tables. Gonna continue with cash for the moment mostly though - the decent money is there.

Da Pimp

Monday, 1 December 2008

Great Weekend

Just a quick post before I have to go to work.

Great weekend at the tables which saw me up 4 buy-ins in 6 hours total play at the $25NL, have switched over to 6 max and get to play more hands there. For the first time in ages I felt really ok with my game.

Missed the 60 minutes last night that is all the buzz around the forums at the mo. Hopefully a couple of the guys in the mailroom watched it and can warm up their one brain cell a degree above freezing for long enough to tell me what went down.

Got to run.