Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Broke, Tilted It All Away


Had a few drinks with some friends yesterday evening and stupidly decided to log on when I got home. Started out ok when some donk rivers a flush he had no fucking business chasing and sends me on mega tilt. 3 $25 buy-ins later I decide to sit in the $200 game and get it all back in one go, dealt queens and get it all in on a rags board, only to be shown a flopped set of 4's. Switched on Tilt and, yeah, same shit different cards

Thats it for me until the new year, after presents, rent and a couple of nights out I have no cash to reload. So stupid, cant believe I did it really. well, at least I have the Cardrunners to keep me going, also got a few points to play some freerolls with if things get that desperate.

Cant believe it really.


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