Sunday, 28 December 2008

Cardrunners So Far

Decent enough christmas, usual boring family stuff really. Did get a bit of a questioning from an uncle about my future... he did not really understand that Poker is a career option these days.

Anyway, had some time to get stuck into some of the Cardrunners videos including CitizenWind, Verneer and of course some of the high-stakes action from Cole South and co. Best investment in my game ever, can see a couple of my leaks already - like paying off big bets when my hand is pretty well defined. Can also see that everyone on the site uses a heads-up display for their stats with pokertracker or holdem-manager or whatever, this is something I really must get hold of (there is an offer to get Holdem Manager for cheap via cardrunners). Anyway - will have to build up a bit of a bankroll first.

Still pissed that I dumped my roll, but now feeling that this should be a lesson more than anything. Going to start fresh when I get my first paycheck of the new year and take the game a lot more seriously this time.

Really should get my blogroll started here too - if anyone reading wants to link up then just shout.


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