Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Bump In The Road *#)!(

Managed to drop 2.5 buy-ins at Stars 50c / $1 ring last night... twice getting my $$$ in well ahead and twice some drawing donk luckboxing out on me. The rest I tilted off in a mix of the lower limit games, had to let off some steam somehow.

Down to the 25c / 50c NL for a while to rebuild, does go to show that there are retards at all the levels though.

DA Pimp

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Swamped By College Work

But almost over, working like a dog at the moment and have had to sacrifice not just some vpt (valued playing time) but vdt (drinkin) too $^@#&.

Did manage a decent run 3-tabling the 25c / 50c 6-max over at stars, along with a couple of donk-n-goes (1 2nd and 1 bubbled to some f-tard who was pushing every hand). Prefer the full rung though so not sure 6-max is for me, at least with the ring you can multi-table, also the decent players are drawn to the 6-max (increased hands = better hourly rate blah blah) and the newbies / donks find their way to the ring games first. That is my theory at least.

Anyway, bankroll like a yo-yo, FPPs growing (looking for a new ipod with some decent memory from these). Will update again when my assignment is in.

DA Pimp,

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Great Thread On Moving On Up

Gotta move on up - this 2+2 tread started off as a 'how are my f-ing stats' same old same old, but managed to get interesting about half way down the first page.

The point is, should we really be encouraging 100NL players to 'play 300k more hands' before they are taken seriously? I mean, take a shot FFS, try and make something of yourself!

Thread Link

Da Pimp

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Lovin' The Weekend

Weekends are a goldmine for us cash game pimps.

All the fish (oh, I mean hard working people who play poker badly for leisure) come out and make the tables so juicy. Compare with the weekdays where every 2nd player is a multi-tabling rock and you'll see what I mean - there could be an argument here for not bothering with the daytimes at all.

Anyway, in the week or so since I started my blog that is 9 buy-ins up in about 16 hours of play, working out as an hourly rate of $56 (thats 4 tabling). Over my long-term average so probably just running good. Need to withdraw for some expenses and so will be at the 50c / $1 for a little while longer yet.

Da Pimp

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Suited Connectors Continued

1 in 18 or 19 times you are gonna flop something great with your connectors (which makes playing them for less than 5% of your stack a no-brainer right?).

But this does not cover all the bases, as we could flop a draw or a pair + draw combo.

Here is the math (saved from an old 2+2 post but the link does not work any more)

COMBO DRAWS Odds of flopping...
20 outer (OESD + FD + pair): 0.077%
17 outer (Gutshot + FD + pair): 0.153%
15 outer (OESD + flush draw): 1.424%
14 outer (Pair + flush draw): 1.450%
13 outer (Pair + straight draw): 1.147%
12 outer (Gutshot + flush draw): 2.664%
------------------------Total: 6.9% (1 in 14 times, 13:1)

Odds of flopping the regular (non-combo) draws also needs to be included.

9 outer (flush draw): 5.2%
8 outer (straight draw): 8.0%-----------------Total: 13.2% (1 in 7.5 times, 6.5:1)

Wow, a lot of numbers, but you should be able to see where this one is going. If you miss that magic 2-pair + flop then there are still lots of possibilities... depending on your position and opponents at the table you could win the hand without a showdown too.

Will wrap up later in the week + post some example hands.

Da Pimp

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

My Favorite Hands - Suited Connectors

Suited connectors are my favorite hand by a long way - anything above 4-5 suited really. Thing is that you can win a huge pot when some donkey spikes a TP type hand, and they can be great for bluffing the flop too - since you will have outs many times.

I do not usually raise with them pre-flop (usually playing full-ring) since this is the kind oh hand which actually benefit from more players in the pot. If someone has the math which shows profit expectations as you increase the number of players then give me a shout.

There are plenty of ways to win a pot with the suited connectors. Below is the basic math for flopping a good hand with them:

Flush: 0.84%
Two pair: 2%
Trips: 1.35%
Full house: 0.09%
Quads: 0.01%
Straight: 1.31%
-------Total: 5.6% (1 in 18 times, 17:1)

Remember this is flop only and does not even account for those times you flop a strong draw or a combo of somethings like a pair + a draw.

Da Pimp.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Intro Post

Hey, Time to get going with my blog.

I'm the Pimp, specialist in full ring no-limit games, have played up to $2 / $4 but bankroll issues keep me at 50c / $1 for now. This blog with chart my journey from the small stakes upwards, the plan is to use poker to pay my way through college. Have been known to play MTTs too, but prefer cash games at the moment as there is more skill involved in these.

Play mostly at Carbon or Full Tilt, do not want to disclose my screen-name just yet though. Will also keep an eye on developments from the legal side of poker... hopefully 2008 (or 2009 at the worst) will bring some good news on this.

Anyway, will start collecting some hands and situations - if you have a blog and would like to swap links then please let me know (I will wait until I have some more posts before going out to request some of my own).

Da Poker-Pimp

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Hello World!

Just a test post - will start texas holdem poker posts soon.