Thursday, 11 December 2008

Decent Sessions + Connectors Again

Had a decent little session yesterday, finishing up over $150 in just 2-hours with 3 tables of NL50 (yeah, I know I was supposed to stay at the $25, but the donks are just getting me down at that level). Suited connectors were the hand of the day with some decent pots getting shipped my way on 2 occasions when I hit with 67s and then J10s. The rest was just chipping away with aggressive moves at small pots, which can mount up to a nice win at the end of the session.

BR on Stars now $341, Tilt at $77

Thinking of either spending some of the money on the books by Dan Harrington which have good reviews, or waiting until I have enough FPPS (was at 2000ish but donked them off trying to qualify for the Sunday Million) was reading the other day about good players needing to invest in education in order to succeed. Makes sense to me as there are only so many complete donks to go around, I plan on moving up the food chain to take the cash off of the people who sort of know what they are doing (like me now really, exept I am stuck at lower limits where there are only a couple of decent players and mostly retards).

Once my 'roll reaches $1000 I might even join cardrunners, or PxF, thou probably Cardrunners as they are more cash. Back to the tables.

Da Pimp

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