Monday, 31 May 2010

Awsome Session

Confidence is massive in poker, yesterday I went in feeling good, fighting for the pots, buying the small pots, showing down great hands and semi-bluffing draws, I owned, there is no other way of putting it. My roll is now up to $169.53 which is a seriuos jump for one day. Was thinking that I should take a quick shot at the 10c / 25c game before bed, remembered the last time around that this was the sort of thing that got me in trouble - a bad beat at the levels above and *boom* thats the bankroll on its way out.

Feel good for the win, feel good that I was disciplined enough to quit when tired and now have a bigger bankroll. as they say on BBV at 2+2 Brag!

Going to play again later and see if the run continues, having a good feeling that this time around my skills will prevail.


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