Sunday, 30 May 2010

Where Am I At!

Back blogging but forgot to tell you where I am at, in terms of games, skills, bankrolls and those all important plans for the future dominance of the game, maybe.

Anyway, I have dropped down a bit while I build the bankroll up and am currently playing the 5c / 10c 6-max on stars. After the brutal night of suckouts from hell I am down to $95, plus about 1000 FPPs (not sure what to do with those at the moment).

I feel I am playing good and play 2 tables mostly with a 3rd table if I am feeling focused, if I find myself surfing, IMing or distracted by the TV I stop playing now. Thats the main change from before. Before I was carrying on, not really looking at the games after a while, running bluffs against people who were always going to call is not good for your bankroll. I am not playing with a HUD at the moment, plan on adding more tables as I move up levels and seeing if this works for me, probably holdem manager as that is what some of my buddies are using and you can buy the smaller stakes version. Maybe also considering moving to another network where I can have a rakeback deal. Stars is cool for now to be honest, when my bankroll hits $1000 I'l assess the options.

Mostly playing cash but still do play the occasional donkament, drives me crazy playing for 5 hours only to get double your buy-in back so will probably cut those out completely.

Anway, thats where I am at... where are you at lol


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