Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Ace-Queen, my jinx hand?

Starting to get real paramoid about ace-queens, so many times recently this has been a disaster for me that I'm starting to get irrational, thinking it is going to lose before the action even gets started... yesterday, twice I lost a decent pot with it, once running into Ace-King (rigged, lol) and once against a pair of4's that became a set on a Q high board, luckily both times opponents were short so it was less than 10 bucks for both, but seriously man, in a 6-max game you got to think that ace-queen is the best hand and play it strong, especially when you hit the flop.

Anyway, what are these euros thinking about buying in for $4, how do you expect to make up for those times you miss the flop after calling a raise when the max you could win against one player is $4... and they call 3-bets with fucking junk too, totally unbelievable.

The thing is I'm starting to worry now when A-Q comes, really do not want to play it soft, that would be asking for trouble, I know that the 5c / 10c idiots are only thinking about their own hands, it is not asif they are working out my hesitation or bet sizing or anything, my paranoia is getting the better of me. Just got to win a hand with one of them, one fucking time!


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