Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Learning To Live With The Suckouts

One thing that drove me nuts last time around was the stupid amount of suckouts, the stupid amound of fvucking donkeys who would flat a 3 bet out of position when there was still thepotential for another raise with a-7 or some other shit like that and hit 2 pairs on the river after getting it all in against my A-K.

Ha, tilting just describing it. The thing is that you have to put up with stuff like that to win over time, yet it drives me nuts - especially when it is happening for the 10th time in a 2-hour long session.

Anyway, this post is about taking a new approach. Taking a step back from the hand and looking at things from a better angle. It does not feel like it at the time but we need those assholes to call with stupid holdings, we need them to get all in on the turn with top pair no kicker, we need to get the money in while we are 80% or even better favortie to win the hand... well, put it this way, if we can not get the cash in as an 80% favorite and win then there must be some serious issues with your game my friends.

It still tilts me, but I'm learning to step back.

This will be a big advantage over last year, no more throwing the bankroll away because of some euro-donkey who does not know when he is beat.


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