Thursday, 27 May 2010


Just as I write that the suckouts are cool, well not cool, you know - needed to win over time, I suffer the most brutal, nasty, ugly session you ever even saw in your life. Not a joke, AK lost to A7 ON THE RIVER all in on the flop, just like I wrote. Actually thought it was a joke, the poker gods are playing with me. That was not all QQ < 99 for a stack and I got all in with a straight on the turn only for some monkey to call all-in and hit a fuckin flush on the river too.

Iwas sitting with my mouth open watching like a whole months worth of hard grinding and smart thinking go out of the window. Managed to get a little back when my Kings held against Ace King for once but man that was a brutal session. Going to take the rest of the week off and chill, haha really we need the suckouts

Repeat: we really need the suckouts


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