Saturday, 22 May 2010

Back, Soon!

Haha, man, kind of stopped posting here and then forgot all about it. My buddy asked me about the blog yesterday and I was like WFT? for a few seconds then clicked that he was talking about this blog right here.

Well I have been playing online and doing good after a break to clear the brain and focus on the important things in like like drinking and girls. I'm gonna decide what goes here over the next days and then discipline myself to get things fixed. Parents not so big a deal as before and I have some cash from my job, not Cardrunners though - wasted time there, they have no idea about the suckouts man, playing high stakes where peoples moves make a kind of sense compared to their hand.

Anyway, my bankroll is kind of small still, its not that I'm sayin I'll be the next Durrr, right, its more proving a point now - that if I'd ran a bit better 2 years ago then things would not have been the same. I know that for a fact - and I'll prove it by building my bankroll this time.

See you at the tables,


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