Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Suited Connectors Continued

1 in 18 or 19 times you are gonna flop something great with your connectors (which makes playing them for less than 5% of your stack a no-brainer right?).

But this does not cover all the bases, as we could flop a draw or a pair + draw combo.

Here is the math (saved from an old 2+2 post but the link does not work any more)

COMBO DRAWS Odds of flopping...
20 outer (OESD + FD + pair): 0.077%
17 outer (Gutshot + FD + pair): 0.153%
15 outer (OESD + flush draw): 1.424%
14 outer (Pair + flush draw): 1.450%
13 outer (Pair + straight draw): 1.147%
12 outer (Gutshot + flush draw): 2.664%
------------------------Total: 6.9% (1 in 14 times, 13:1)

Odds of flopping the regular (non-combo) draws also needs to be included.

9 outer (flush draw): 5.2%
8 outer (straight draw): 8.0%-----------------Total: 13.2% (1 in 7.5 times, 6.5:1)

Wow, a lot of numbers, but you should be able to see where this one is going. If you miss that magic 2-pair + flop then there are still lots of possibilities... depending on your position and opponents at the table you could win the hand without a showdown too.

Will wrap up later in the week + post some example hands.

Da Pimp

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