Monday, 12 May 2008

Intro Post

Hey, Time to get going with my blog.

I'm the Pimp, specialist in full ring no-limit games, have played up to $2 / $4 but bankroll issues keep me at 50c / $1 for now. This blog with chart my journey from the small stakes upwards, the plan is to use poker to pay my way through college. Have been known to play MTTs too, but prefer cash games at the moment as there is more skill involved in these.

Play mostly at Carbon or Full Tilt, do not want to disclose my screen-name just yet though. Will also keep an eye on developments from the legal side of poker... hopefully 2008 (or 2009 at the worst) will bring some good news on this.

Anyway, will start collecting some hands and situations - if you have a blog and would like to swap links then please let me know (I will wait until I have some more posts before going out to request some of my own).

Da Poker-Pimp

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