Sunday, 18 May 2008

Lovin' The Weekend

Weekends are a goldmine for us cash game pimps.

All the fish (oh, I mean hard working people who play poker badly for leisure) come out and make the tables so juicy. Compare with the weekdays where every 2nd player is a multi-tabling rock and you'll see what I mean - there could be an argument here for not bothering with the daytimes at all.

Anyway, in the week or so since I started my blog that is 9 buy-ins up in about 16 hours of play, working out as an hourly rate of $56 (thats 4 tabling). Over my long-term average so probably just running good. Need to withdraw for some expenses and so will be at the 50c / $1 for a little while longer yet.

Da Pimp

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