Monday, 7 June 2010

Posting Out Of Position

One way I like to spot a fish is when they do not wait for the big blind, instead posting as soon as they arrive at the table, its not a big deal money wise but for me it does prove that this player has not really thought through equity stuff, especially when they would have been the big blind next hand anyway.

Suppose when we are talking about the 5/10c game its pretty much all fish anyway, should be more focused on those who wait for the big blind as these are rare. This is not actually my personal insights by the way, I just can not remember where I heard about it, might have been cardrunners or maybe 2+2, not posting on 2_2 any more, just not worth the abuse to get help there, not that the abuse bothers me, some spotty teens arguing over grammar is just not my idea of a community.

Anway, you might have worked out that I do not have anything much to say in this blog post, out for the next couple of nights, so will post my about my next ig upswing just as soon as it happens.

yeah, one thing, if you run a blog which is any good then I'll add you to my blogroll, just let me know.


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