Monday, 5 July 2010

Deep, what is your play here

Here is a hand that did my head in, some random euro again, he had doubled up with some coin flip and I was up to about $13 on this table, blinds 5c / 10c and I have Jacks in the cutoff. Folds to me, I raiseto 30c (standard), button calls, small blind calls big blind folds.

Flop: 6-4-4

Small blind leads for 40c
I raise to $2
Button folds, small blind ships!

So the pot is like $5 +$11 more (counting the call of my bet from the SB here) and it is my remaining $11 to call (he had me covered).

The size of the ship did my head in here, this is a random donkey, what does a donkey do this with? Getting some odds here 11 to win 16, not got this down exact yet but I need 40%+ to call, against this ship.

Seriously, I used my whole fuckin timebank on this asshole and ended up calling. He had... wait for it... Ace-queen, hahahahahahahahahaha, anyway he had 6 outs on my but none came and I won a big pot. Can not work out whether my call was 'good' or not to be honest.

Bankroll now at $175.12, moving in the right direction even though the swings are big.


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