Sunday, 16 November 2008

Deposit And The Bush Shits On Me... WTF!!

Great, return to poker with a $100 bankroll on Stars, ready to grind and make a real go of getting to pro status this time, then WTF - Bush goes and shits on us again from a great height by forcing through the internet gaming regs at the last minute.

I mean, this fucking idiot has done enough damage already - why cant he just fuck off quietly and leave us to choose how to spend our cash.

So, apart from not knowing whether that money is gone for good I have been doing ok on the 5c / 10c NLHE... stacking a couple of donks and getting fucked on one time when some retard called my 6-bet all in with jacks and managed to crack my aces. These donks are where the money comes from right, just gotta ride the swings.


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