Monday 5 July 2010

Deep, what is your play here

Here is a hand that did my head in, some random euro again, he had doubled up with some coin flip and I was up to about $13 on this table, blinds 5c / 10c and I have Jacks in the cutoff. Folds to me, I raiseto 30c (standard), button calls, small blind calls big blind folds.

Flop: 6-4-4

Small blind leads for 40c
I raise to $2
Button folds, small blind ships!

So the pot is like $5 +$11 more (counting the call of my bet from the SB here) and it is my remaining $11 to call (he had me covered).

The size of the ship did my head in here, this is a random donkey, what does a donkey do this with? Getting some odds here 11 to win 16, not got this down exact yet but I need 40%+ to call, against this ship.

Seriously, I used my whole fuckin timebank on this asshole and ended up calling. He had... wait for it... Ace-queen, hahahahahahahahahaha, anyway he had 6 outs on my but none came and I won a big pot. Can not work out whether my call was 'good' or not to be honest.

Bankroll now at $175.12, moving in the right direction even though the swings are big.


Monday 7 June 2010

Posting Out Of Position

One way I like to spot a fish is when they do not wait for the big blind, instead posting as soon as they arrive at the table, its not a big deal money wise but for me it does prove that this player has not really thought through equity stuff, especially when they would have been the big blind next hand anyway.

Suppose when we are talking about the 5/10c game its pretty much all fish anyway, should be more focused on those who wait for the big blind as these are rare. This is not actually my personal insights by the way, I just can not remember where I heard about it, might have been cardrunners or maybe 2+2, not posting on 2_2 any more, just not worth the abuse to get help there, not that the abuse bothers me, some spotty teens arguing over grammar is just not my idea of a community.

Anway, you might have worked out that I do not have anything much to say in this blog post, out for the next couple of nights, so will post my about my next ig upswing just as soon as it happens.

yeah, one thing, if you run a blog which is any good then I'll add you to my blogroll, just let me know.


Wednesday 2 June 2010

Ace-Queen, my jinx hand?

Starting to get real paramoid about ace-queens, so many times recently this has been a disaster for me that I'm starting to get irrational, thinking it is going to lose before the action even gets started... yesterday, twice I lost a decent pot with it, once running into Ace-King (rigged, lol) and once against a pair of4's that became a set on a Q high board, luckily both times opponents were short so it was less than 10 bucks for both, but seriously man, in a 6-max game you got to think that ace-queen is the best hand and play it strong, especially when you hit the flop.

Anyway, what are these euros thinking about buying in for $4, how do you expect to make up for those times you miss the flop after calling a raise when the max you could win against one player is $4... and they call 3-bets with fucking junk too, totally unbelievable.

The thing is I'm starting to worry now when A-Q comes, really do not want to play it soft, that would be asking for trouble, I know that the 5c / 10c idiots are only thinking about their own hands, it is not asif they are working out my hesitation or bet sizing or anything, my paranoia is getting the better of me. Just got to win a hand with one of them, one fucking time!


Monday 31 May 2010

Awsome Session

Confidence is massive in poker, yesterday I went in feeling good, fighting for the pots, buying the small pots, showing down great hands and semi-bluffing draws, I owned, there is no other way of putting it. My roll is now up to $169.53 which is a seriuos jump for one day. Was thinking that I should take a quick shot at the 10c / 25c game before bed, remembered the last time around that this was the sort of thing that got me in trouble - a bad beat at the levels above and *boom* thats the bankroll on its way out.

Feel good for the win, feel good that I was disciplined enough to quit when tired and now have a bigger bankroll. as they say on BBV at 2+2 Brag!

Going to play again later and see if the run continues, having a good feeling that this time around my skills will prevail.


Sunday 30 May 2010

Where Am I At!

Back blogging but forgot to tell you where I am at, in terms of games, skills, bankrolls and those all important plans for the future dominance of the game, maybe.

Anyway, I have dropped down a bit while I build the bankroll up and am currently playing the 5c / 10c 6-max on stars. After the brutal night of suckouts from hell I am down to $95, plus about 1000 FPPs (not sure what to do with those at the moment).

I feel I am playing good and play 2 tables mostly with a 3rd table if I am feeling focused, if I find myself surfing, IMing or distracted by the TV I stop playing now. Thats the main change from before. Before I was carrying on, not really looking at the games after a while, running bluffs against people who were always going to call is not good for your bankroll. I am not playing with a HUD at the moment, plan on adding more tables as I move up levels and seeing if this works for me, probably holdem manager as that is what some of my buddies are using and you can buy the smaller stakes version. Maybe also considering moving to another network where I can have a rakeback deal. Stars is cool for now to be honest, when my bankroll hits $1000 I'l assess the options.

Mostly playing cash but still do play the occasional donkament, drives me crazy playing for 5 hours only to get double your buy-in back so will probably cut those out completely.

Anway, thats where I am at... where are you at lol


Thursday 27 May 2010


Just as I write that the suckouts are cool, well not cool, you know - needed to win over time, I suffer the most brutal, nasty, ugly session you ever even saw in your life. Not a joke, AK lost to A7 ON THE RIVER all in on the flop, just like I wrote. Actually thought it was a joke, the poker gods are playing with me. That was not all QQ < 99 for a stack and I got all in with a straight on the turn only for some monkey to call all-in and hit a fuckin flush on the river too.

Iwas sitting with my mouth open watching like a whole months worth of hard grinding and smart thinking go out of the window. Managed to get a little back when my Kings held against Ace King for once but man that was a brutal session. Going to take the rest of the week off and chill, haha really we need the suckouts

Repeat: we really need the suckouts


Tuesday 25 May 2010

Learning To Live With The Suckouts

One thing that drove me nuts last time around was the stupid amount of suckouts, the stupid amound of fvucking donkeys who would flat a 3 bet out of position when there was still thepotential for another raise with a-7 or some other shit like that and hit 2 pairs on the river after getting it all in against my A-K.

Ha, tilting just describing it. The thing is that you have to put up with stuff like that to win over time, yet it drives me nuts - especially when it is happening for the 10th time in a 2-hour long session.

Anyway, this post is about taking a new approach. Taking a step back from the hand and looking at things from a better angle. It does not feel like it at the time but we need those assholes to call with stupid holdings, we need them to get all in on the turn with top pair no kicker, we need to get the money in while we are 80% or even better favortie to win the hand... well, put it this way, if we can not get the cash in as an 80% favorite and win then there must be some serious issues with your game my friends.

It still tilts me, but I'm learning to step back.

This will be a big advantage over last year, no more throwing the bankroll away because of some euro-donkey who does not know when he is beat.